Spa Dual Gauges


Spa Dual Gauges maximize valuable interior real estate. Featuring standard sized gauges with the unique feature of displaying two sensor information readouts. Digital reading allows precise feedback from boost pressure, fuel pressure, oil temperature, oil pressure, water temperature, and EGT sensors. Each gauge includes the required sensor, hardware, and wiring harness. Sensors feature compact easy to install stainless steel sensor and lightweight gauge bodies.

Popular gauge packages (for 2-gauge pods):
supercharged/turbo: 1. boost/fuel press. 2. oil temp./oil press.

natural aspiration: 1. water temp./fuel press. 2. oil temp./oil press.

Available gauges:
A variety of gauges are available to suit your individual needs!


  • Digital text allows fast reading of vital vehicle measurements
  • 2 measurements per gauge maximizes interior real estate
  • Gauges can be ordered in either orange/green (selectable) or blue illumination. The orange matches the NSX illumination, the blue matches aftermarket stereos.
  • Adjustable backlight brightness
  • Black or white dials
  • Standard Black or Chrome option bezels
  • High resolution modes for 0.1 PSI, Deg C etc
  • Programmable button function, recall menu etc
  • Splash proof sensor connections
  • Extended temperature operation (for extreme climates) -20 to +70 Deg C
  • Stainless steel pressure and vacuum sensors
  • Programmable warning lights, low battery, averaging etc
  • Programmable outputs for driving external LED's or relays
  • Thermocouple options and kits available


(A group)
DG 204B Volts / Water Temperature (type-1 219.99)
(B group)
DG 203B Water Temperature / Oil Temperature
DG 209B Oil Temperature / Oil Temperature
DG 210B Temperature / Temperature
DG 214B Transmission Temperature / Rear End Temperature
(C group)
DG 207B Fuel Pressure / Volts
DG 208B Oil Pressure / Volts
(D group)
DG 200B Oil Pressure / Water Temperature (type-3 279.99)
DG 201B Oil Pressure / Oil Temperature (type-4)
DG 202B Fuel Pressure / Water Temperature (type-4)
DG 206B Turbo Boost / Temperature (type-4)
DG 212B Fuel Pressure / Oil Temperature
DG 213B Pressure / Temperature
(E group)
DG 215B Fuel Pressure / Oil Pressure
DG 216B Boost / Fuel Pressure
DG 217B Boost / Oil Pressure
(F group)
DG 211B Boost / EGT Kit
(G group)
DG 205B Brake Bias - Front / Rear
DG 222B EGT/EGT (eg. V motor applications)

The prices below are for any gauge from the respective price group. Ask about our gauge packages!

PLEASE SPECIFY ORANGE/GREEN or BLUE ILLUMINATION. If no color is specified, the standard orange/green gauge version will be sent.

Spa Design Dual Gauges - A group


Spa Design Dual Gauges - B group


Spa Design Dual Gauges - C group


Spa Design Dual Gauges - D group


Spa Design Dual Gauges - E group


Spa Design Dual Gauges - F group


Spa Design Dual Gauges - G group