3.5L NSX Assembled Short Block Program


ScienceofSpeed offers the "crate" 3.5L NSX Short Block.

The ScienceofSpeed 3.5L NSX Short Block is a complete blueprint assembled NSX cylinder block and balanced rotating assembly.

The 3.5L NSX Short Block includes a re-sleeved factory cylinder block, the ScienceofSpeed 86mm 4340 billet crankshaft, 4340 billet connecting rods, and forged pistons. This is a complete assembled short block ready for cylinder heads and accessories to be installed.

The larger displacement 3.5L engine with a 93mm bore and 86mm stroke greatly increases power through out the RPM band with much greater torque at lower engine speeds. Natural aspiration 3.5L engines are capable of up to 450 horsepower at the engine with suitable induction and cylinder head modification and forced 3.5L induction engines are capable of in excess of 700 horsepower at the engine with suitable forced induction system.

The engine short block for natural aspiration use uses a lighter weight tapered H beam connecting rod with 5/16" CARR bolts while the forced induction application includes a heavier duty connecting rod with 3/8" CARR bolts rated for 150 hp / cylinder.

Looking for a complete engine assembly? Please see ScienceofSpeed Stage 3 naturally aspirated & forced induction engines.

ScienceofSpeed NSX 3.5L Short Block

bore x stroke 93mm x 86mm
displacement 3505 cc (3.5L)
compression 9.0:1 - 12.5:1
custom compression ratios available
piston forged 2618 aluminum alloy
conn rod (NA) tapered H beam 4340 alloy steel machined billet w/ 5/16" CARR bolts
conn rod (FI) H beam 4340 alloy steel machined billet w/ 3/8" CARR bolts
crankshaft 4340 alloy steel machined billet

(note: photos may show options)
Note: installation requires cylinder head and accessory installation. The short block program utilizes customer supplied bare cylinder blocks. All wear surfaces are machined for like-new condition. A refundable core deposit will be charged on check out. For complete terms and conditions of the core exchange program, please click here. As new cylinder liners are installed and main journals are bored fresh, each cylinder block is brought to new condition. However, you may elect to have the short block built with your own provided cylinder block.


  • disassembly, cleaning, and inspection of core cylinder block
  • align bore & hone main journals
  • resleeve, bore & hone w/ deck plate
  • pressure check cylinder block
  • surface cylinder block decks
  • ScienceofSpeed Billet 4340 Crankshaft
  • ScienceofSpeed Billet 4340 Connecting Rod Set
  • ScienceofSpeed Forged Aluminum Piston Set
  • Mahle Clevite TriArmor Racing Main & Rod Bearing Sets
  • genuine Honda thrust washers
  • dynamic balanced rotating assembly
  • complete cylinder block gasket set
  • documented blueprinted assembly including specification sheet


  • ScienceofSpeed Billet Steel Main Caps
  • Darton MID sleeves
  • ARP Head Stud Kit
  • ScienceofSpeed High Flow Billet Gear Oil Pump
  • genuine Honda water pump
  • ScienceofSpeed Baffled Oil Pan
  • ARP Main Studs
  • complete cylinder head gasket & seal kit for 3.5L short block - part no. enpp-1933 sold below - includes head gaskets and all seals required to complete engine cylinder head assembly
ScienceofSpeed 3.5L Assembled Short Block (naturally aspirated) - NSX, 1991-05


ScienceofSpeed 3.5L Assembled Short Block (forced induction) - NSX, 1991-05


complete cylinder head & seal kit for 3.5L short block - NSX, 1991-05