ScienceofSpeed Time-sert Thread Repair Service - NSX, 1991-05


The factory cylinder heads are fastened to the cylinder block with factory bolts or studs. The M11 threads tapped into the block are aluminum. These threads can fail from being over torqued, pulled from high cylinder pressure, or can fatigue from the cylinder heads being removed and replaced multiple times.

Time-sert fasteners are the best option for repairing the cylinder block. Time-sert manufacturers a kit for M11 thread repairs. The repair requires the threads to be repaired with a special drill bit, tapped using a special tap, and steel inserts to be installed using a provided tool. The drilling and tapping operating is especially critical that it is done perfectly straight and in alignment to the cylinder heads. ScienceofSpeed has developed a drill fixture which aligns with the cylinder head's precision dowels allowing the thread repair insert holes to be drilled and tapped in-line to the cylinder head.

This option is for ScienceofSpeed to repair your cylinder block: This option includes inserts, labor, and tooling cost to repair all 16 cylinder head fastener holes in your cylinder block. This service is available for bare blocks or cylinder blocks being built by ScienceofSpeed. Contact us for cylinder blocks that are assembled. Please call in advance to schedule the repair.


  • Insert type: both standard Time-serts (for factory threaded holes) and Big-sert (for previously repaired holes) are available.
ScienceofSpeed Time-sert Thread Repair Service - NSX, 1991-05



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