ATI Super Damper Pulley - NSX, 1991-05


The factory harmonic damper / crankshaft pulley is composed of an inner and outer steel shell bonded with an elastomer bushing. With age, the factory crankshaft pulley can fail. This process is greatly exasperated by high performance applications, including track use. Failed factory crankshaft pulleys may be viewed online, as it is a well known issue.

For high performance applications, we recommend the ATI Super Damper which features a durable non-bonded design with shells that are fastened for durability. The ATI Torsional Super Damper - the unconventional, unbonded elastomer Super Damper that is actually 2 dampers in 1 diameter.

The ATI Super Damper, U.S. Patent #5,425,287, is the only damper designed exclusively for high RPM performance engines. The proven elastomer design is actually two dampers in one: a 4" inner diameter and a 7" diameter damper contained in 2 shells that bolt to the crank hub. The inner and outer shells are available in steel and in aluminum to contain the steel inertia weight.

The inertia weight has 8 computer-machined grooves to retain the proper durometer o-rings (dyno tested for each application), and installed at ATI. O-ring life has been tested to over 3 million cycles in Nextel Cup competition (6500+ RPM, 500+ miles) and 10 years (188 - 11 round weekends) in drag racing. The unit is rebuildable to new specifications by installing new O-rings.

Extensive dyno and on-the-track testing by ATI, GM, Toyota Racing Development (TRD), and NASCAR engine builders have proven the Super Damper far superior to all other designs, especially on engines that turn over 6,000 RPM making it the damper of choice in NASCAR, and perfect for the high RPM NSX engine.

All units are SFI manufacturer certified and exceed SFI spec. 18-1. Compatible on both manual and automatic transmission NSX. Note the automatic transmission alternator will be underdriven. If this is a concern, please use the factory crankshaft pulley instead.

Pulley is made with interference fit - pulley can be pressed on to crankshaft with factory fastener.

ATI Super Damper Pulley - NSX, 1991-05