ScienceofSpeed Oil Cooler Kit


The ScienceofSpeed Oil Cooler System is designed to address the high oil temperatures observed on heavy track driven NSXes. The system uses an external air-cooled heat exchanger with fan that is designed to work in conjunction with the factory water-cooled oil cooler. The system draws oil flow from the engine via the low profile ScienceofSpeed Oil Sandwich Adaptor, circulates the oil into the heat exchanger, and returns the oil back to the engine for filtration and distribution into the engine. The system uses a thermo switch to turn on a high flow 7" SPAL electric fan mounted to the heat exchanger to regulate cooling.

The heat exchanger is mounted on the right side of the car below the trunk and behind the rear wheel. The mounting design allows the heat exchanger to be protected by the fender liner, allows efficient plumbing of the oil system, and allows the heat exchanger to dissipate significant heat only when the thermo switch reaches 175 degrees. The low profile SPAL fan is fully sealed (dust and water resistant). The system includes the low profile ScienceofSpeed Sandwich Adaptor.

The system is completed including all parts required for installation. The system includes heat exchanger, fan, thermo switch, sandwich adaptor, mounting brackets, fittings, hydraulic fittings, hose, and electric components.

Important Ordering Note: The ScienceofSpeed Oil Cooler System is sold as a stand alone kit or may be installed with the ScienceofSpeed Accusump System. If used together, the components used differ. If you would like to purchase the oil cooler and Accusump system together, please use part numbers enpp-963 or enpp-964.

This oil cooler is designed to be used (figure 1) as is or in conjunction with the ScienceofSpeed Accusump Oil System (figure 2).

figure 1

figure 2

ScienceofSpeed Oil Cooler Kit - NSX, 1991-05


ScienceofSpeed Accusump System (3-qt) & Oil Cooler System - NSX, 1991-05