ScienceofSpeed Sport Engine Mount - NSX, 1991-05


ScienceofSpeed Engine & Transmission Mounts replace the factory front, rear, and side mounts with a lower compliance / lower flex mount. With less engine flex, more precise chassis stability is achieved. These mounts are ideally suited for either all-stock NSX, or highly modified high horsepower NSX.

The ScienceofSpeed Engine & Transmission mounts are high performance alternatives to the more expensive factory mounts. Billet aluminum sleeves and center halves captivate replaceable high density synthetic rubber bushings that are impervious to fuel and oil.

In order to produce a mount that results in increased chassis stability while minimizing unwanted vibration and noise, a unique design was employed. The lightweight factory aluminum mount housing is retained (except for the right side mount, see note below) and the center is machined out. Grooves are machined into the mount and an aluminum casing is installed that encapsulates replaceable synthetic rubber bushings. The synthetic rubber bushings used are only slightly harder than the factory bushing (a durometer increase of approximately 10 on the Shore A scale) to minimize unwanted vibration and noise but the mount is much stiffer thanks to the encapsulated center mount. The fully encapsulated design results in decreased twisting from the force applied from the engine.

Compared to full urethane mounts, this design minimizes noise and vibration by the use of 6 replaceable bushings. Please note that a small increase in vibration may be felt in the cabin, especially if all four mounts are replaced. Half of the bushings in the modular mounts (front, left, and rear) may be removed to reduce vibration transfer.

Due to the captivated design, these mounts will not rip and tear like the factory mount. These bushings are always replaceable which means that you will never have to buy an expensive factory mount again.

For comparison, these are the prices of the factory mounts:

  • factory front engine mount: $368.07
  • factory rear engine mount: $447.55
  • factory left side engine mount: $447.55
  • factory right side engine mount: $335.48

new right side engine mount:
Please note that the front, rear, and left side engine mounts are sold on core exchange. The right side engine mount (part no. enpp-579, sold here) is machined from billet 6061 aluminum, and does not require a core exchange (the mount replaces the factory heavy cast iron engine mount).

core exchange program: 
Please click here for core program details & return form. Core mounts can be torn, but the cast aluminum housing must not be cracked. Core mounts returned that have been previously modified (such as packed with silicone) or that require extra cleaning will have a reduced core refund returned. A core deposit is charged at time of purchase. 

ScienceofSpeed Sport Engine Mount - NSX, 1991-05



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