ScienceofSpeed Turbo Oil Reservoir - NSX, 1991-05


The ScienceofSpeed aluminum turbo oil reservoir tank is designed specifically for the NSX to be used in systems where the turbo is placed below the return point to the oil pan.

Oil is fed from the turbo on the high side and is then sucked from the low side by the oil pump. This design assures that the oil pump will not pull oil under negative pressure from the turbo. It allows the oil system to vent via the breather port. When used with oil crankcase vent system (such as the one sold by ScienceofSpeed) the 1/2" breather port on the reservoir can be tee'd into the vent system.

Reservoir is made for 1/2" NPT fittings (not included) and uses the same size hose barb (1/2") as ScienceofSpeed breather tank.
ScienceofSpeed Turbo Oil Reservoir - NSX, 1991-05