RC Engineering Fuel Injectors


RC Engineering fuel injectors offer the best performance with a proven history. Engine management and fuel pump may be required.

We stock popular sizes used with custom sizing available.

Injectors include o-rings required installation hardware - other vendors offering RC Engineering Injectors do not include all required hardware. Flow sheets at no extra charge. 1997-2005 require wire harness adapter "clips" (available separately).

Use 250cc for stock 3.0L engines and 270cc for stock 3.2L engines. Please call ScienceofSpeed for advice to select the correct injector sizing for your naturally aspirated or forced induction application.

Consider Injector Dynamics Fuel Injectors for sizing above 1000cc.

Injector sizes available: 1991-1995 NSX (low impedance)
250 cc (3.0L stock engine)
270 cc
320 cc
370 cc
550 cc
750 cc
1000 cc

Injector sizes available: 1997-2006 NSX (high impedance)
270 cc (3.2L stock engine)
310 cc
370 cc
440 cc
550 cc
650 cc
750 cc

RC Engineering Fuel Injectors



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