ScienceofSpeed Fuel Pump & Accessory Power Distribution Kit - NSX, 1991-05


New high capacity in-tank turbine fuel pumps being used today (Aeromotive 340 LPH, Walbro 400 LPH) have increased electrical current demands. The factory fuel pump power system is not designed to support the current draw of these pumps. The performance of these pumps are degraded to the point of flowing less volume that lower rated fuel pumps when installed with the factory fuel pump wiring.

ScienceofSpeed has designed a high capacity electrical power distribution kit for fuel pumps requiring more than 10 amps of current (however, this kit can be used with any fuel pump where the additional switched power sources are required). This kit, which supplies power to the fuel pump by way of fine strand 12 ga wire, includes factory connector terminals - allowing customers to install the upgraded power distribution system with out any cutting of the factory electrical harness required.

Read this technical overview for results from testing of this product.

The power distribution kit eliminates the 7 ft run of 16 awg equivalent factory wire that can causes a voltage drop at the fuel pump for high performance applications. The pre-assembled power distribution kit is supplied power from the engine bay fuse box (a Honda 40 amp cartridge fuse is included) and is switched on with power using a high quality German made 12V relay. The relay then powers a blade type fuse block. In addition to powering the fuel pump, the power distribution kit has an available an additional three switched +12V power sources for accessories such as wideband UEGO sensors and boost control solenoid valves.

The kit is complete to wire the fuel pump, two wideband UEGO sensors, and a boost control solenoid valve. Detailed step-by-step instructions with diagrams are included.

ScienceofSpeed Fuel Pump & Accessory Power Distribution Kit - NSX, 1991-05