ScienceofSpeed Forged Piston Set


ScienceofSpeed Forged Aluminum Pistons are the most advanced forged pistons available for the NSX. This design is based on years of development with the NSX power plant.  These forged pistons, manufactured from NSX-specific forgings, are designed to replace the factory cast pistons with increased strength, decreased weight, and increased performance.  Pistons are available in low compression (for turbocharger and supercharger use), stock compression, and high compression (natural aspiration use). Pistons are available in popular 90.5mm size (compatible with factory 3.0L engines) and 93mm size (for sleeved 3.0L and 3.2L engines) - however, custom bore sizes are available. All pistons include Xylan skirt coating. Xylan skirt coating is a proprietary molybdenum and graphite coating that offers scuff protection and increased lubricity. Coating offers a much higher strength adhesion and tensile strength compared to standard molybdenum coatings.


  • 2618 hypoeutectic aluminum alloy (4032 full round forging available by special request)
  • fully CNC machined piston and ring grooves
  • radiused valve reliefs: compatible with 3.0L and 3.2L valves, oversized for float protection
  • offset pin boss: increased anti-rock and noise reduction
  • contact reduction grooves: minimizes cylinder wall contact as pistons rock over after reaching TDC and aids to reduce detonation
  • accumulator groove: additional volume between top and second ring aids to reduce pressure between top and second ring
  • pin oiling holes: machined holes deliver lubrication to wrist pin
  • forged in pockets: reduce piston overall weight


  • pistons 
  • Xylan skirt coating
  • floating wrist pins
  • wrist pin lock set
  • piston ring set
ScienceofSpeed Type-A Forged Piston Set (90.5mm bore) - NSX, 3.0L


ScienceofSpeed Type-B Forged Piston Set (93mm bore) - NSX, 3.0L or 3.2L


ScienceofSpeed Type-C Forged Piston Set (93mm) - 3.5L Stoker


ScienceofSpeed Custom Forged Piston Set - customer specified bore & stroke