ScienceofSpeed Lost Motion Assembly (LMA) Kit - NSX, 1991-99


The lost motion assembly (LMA) is a spring device that puts pre-load on the center VTEC rocker when it is the unlocked position (when the engine is not in VTEC mode). The early NSX (1991-99) LMA is a piston design lubricated by engine oil. Over time, contaminants in the oil cause the piston to seize resulting in the VTEC rocker rattling when not in VTEC (such as while idling). The loose VTEC rocker can result in damage and loud tapping sound while idling. This is a known problem, which all NSX's will suffer from, that Honda addressed in the 2000 NSX.

The ScienceofSpeed LMA Kit replaces the factory piston design with the same coil spring design found in newer Hondas. Precision stainless steel inserts designed by ScienceofSpeed allow the newer design to install in to early 1991-99 cylinder heads.

A coil spring is installed with high precision stainless steel inserts that sets the coil to the correct engagement height for 1991-99 NSX. This design is not only more durable. In addition to being a good upgrade for the stock engine - the design allows for an increased 28% stroke and a larger rocker contact patch making it ideal for high lift camshafts. The kit is less than half the cost of the factory set ($453.20/set).

Compatible with 1991-1999 NSX only.

ScienceofSpeed Lost Motion Assembly (LMA) Kit - NSX, 1991-99