ScienceofSpeed Multi-Layer Steel Cylinder Head Gaskets


ScienceofSpeed Multi-Layer Steel (MLS) head gaskets are comprised of three layers of stainless steel with a thermal protection coating of Viton on the external layers (heat resistant to 250 deg C). This is the same design used by Honda on the latest high performance engines. MLS gaskets provide the best heat resistance and even load distribution of any type of head gasket. This is an especially vast improvement over the 3.0L graphite composite gasket for durability and sealing.

Gaskets for standard bore sizes are stocked with custom bore sizes from 90-95mm are available. The standard thickness is .030". Other thicknesses may be made by special order. Thicker gaskets are generally not recommended due to the effect on camshaft geometry.


standard cylinder head gaskets (range is actual cylinder bore diameter):

  • enpp-710: use for cylinder bore 90 mm (3.0L) MLS Gasket for factory replacement
  • enpp-711: use for cylinder bores 90.5mm - 91.5mm (3.0L)
  • enpp-712: use for cylinder bores 92.5mm - 93.5mm (3.2L & 3.5L)
  • enpp-715: specify bore size & thickness

Want to get superior clamping force for the best performance?  ScienceofSpeed recommends our ARP head stud kit.

ScienceofSpeed MLS Head Gasket Set, NSX (.030 inch thick, 90 mm), 1991-05


ScienceofSpeed MLS Head Gasket Set, NSX (.030 inch thick, 90.5-91.5mm), 1991-05


ScienceofSpeed MLS Head Gasket Set, NSX (.030 inch thick, 92.5-93.5mm), 1991-05


ScienceofSpeed MLS Head Gasket Set, NSX (custom thickness & bore size), 1991-05