ScienceofSpeed Intake & Exhaust Valves


ScienceofSpeed offers lightweight high strength forged intake and exhaust valves for the NSX. The intake valve is forged from stainless steel alloy and the exhaust valve is manufactured from an exotic forged Inconel alloy that offers extreme thermal resistance. The intake valves are black nitrite coated and the exhaust valves stems are plated. Manufactured exclusively for the NSX, these valves feature a weight reducing dish. The intake valve features a tapered stem and swirl polished head which increase air flow speed and fuel atomization for maximum performance. Valve train weight reduction offers several benefits including a higher rev potential of the engine, reduced horsepower loss from inertial loss, and the ability to run lower valve spring spring rate leading to increased camshaft durability. Valve widths and lengths are within factory spec allowing these valves to be compatible with the factory keepers, guides, and guide seals. Valves sold as a complete set (12 valves per intake or exhaust set).


ScienceofSpeed NSX Intake Valves

size 36mm (standard size: 3.0L 35mm, 3.2L 36mm)
material forged stainless steel / black nitrite coated
mass 49.6 grams / ea (5.1 grams less than standard)
compatibility all NSX (grinding seats to size required)


ScienceofSpeed NSX Exhaust Valves

size 30mm (standard size: 30mm)
material forged Inconel / stems plated
mass 43.8 grams / ea (4 grams less than standard)
compatibility all NSX (grinding seats to size required)

Want to maximize performance and reduce valve float?  ScienceofSpeed recommends our valve spring set, found here.

ScienceofSpeed 36mm SS Intake Valve Set - NSX, 1991-05


ScienceofSpeed 30mm Inconel Exhaust Valve Set - NSX, 1991-05