ScienceofSpeed Valve Springs, Retainers, & Bases


ScienceofSpeed offers replacement spring, retainers, and bases for competition use or for use with increased lift camshafts. The three following components must be used together as a set.

Valve Springs:
Performance valve springs allow increased lift while preventing valve float. Dual spring design includes inner and outer springs. Manufactured from Super-clean Silicon Vanadium Steel alloy - excellent consistency through heat and compression cycles. Seat pressure increased by approximately 20% increases valve action performance while not putting unnecessary stress on rocker/camshaft. Includes 48 pieces for intake and exhaust valves.

Titanium retainers:
Lightweight titanium valve spring retainers for high performance applications. Compatible with factory valve keepers. Precision fit to ScienceofSpeed valve springs eliminating binding. Includes 24 pieces for intake and exhaust valve springs.

Valve spring seat:
Replaces factory valve spring seats to locate bottom of valve spring. Includes 24 pieces.

ScienceofSpeed Valve Spring Specifications


Super-clean Silicon Vanadium Steel alloy


dual spring (intake & exhaust)

pressure (seat)

67 lbs @ 36.4mm (installed height)

pressure (open)

205 lbs @ 12mm of lift


11.5 lbs/mm

max lift


ScienceofSpeed recommends using ScienceofSpeed valves with these, available here.

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ScienceofSpeed Titanium Valve Spring Retainer 24 pc Set - NSX, 1991-05


ScienceofSpeed Dual Valve Spring Base 24 pc Set - NSX, 1991-05