ScienceofSpeed Air-Liquid Intercooler Kit


The ScienceofSpeed Liquid-Air Intercooler Kit is a rear fender mounted liquid-air intercooler for turbocharger systems. This is a popular upgrade for customers with smaller rear mounted air-air intercoolers.

A bar and plate liquid TIG welded aluminum intercooler (core size: 12"x4.25"x4.25") is designed with NSX factory mounting locations that allow installation with out cutting or modifying the chassis. The intercooler is most effective for applications up to 750 bhp (but has been used effectively for 900 bhp applications). In addition to the intercooler, the kit includes lightweight 3" mandrel bent aluminum upper and lower cold-side charge tubes completing the run between the intercooler and the throttle body. The hot-side charge tube will be supplied by the customer, which depends on where the turbocharger is mounted.

All mounting hardware and high quality 4 ply silicone couplers are included as well as high quality stainless steel smooth hose clamps.

The intercooler kit is compatible with the factory fender liner (the photos shown show the fender liner removed for display). Customers must provide the tube between the turbocharger and intercooler (differs based on the kit used).

Liquid intercooler installation kit, including water pump, heat exchanger, and reservoir is required (installation kit available here)



  • bare satin brushed aluminum
  • black wrinkle powdercoat (matches factory 3.0L valve covers)
  • custom powdercoat color


  • TIAL Sport 50mm Q Blowoff Valve
  • TIG weld TIAL Blowoff valve flange & 3/8" NPT port for intake temp sensor
ScienceofSpeed Air-Liquid Intercooler Kit - NSX, 1991-05


option: black wrinkle powdercoat finish option (for enpp-2361)


option: custom powdercoat finish option


weld TIAL flange & 3/8 NPT port for air intake temp sensor