ScienceofSpeed Supercharger System for NSX


New for 2009, the ScienceofSpeed Supercharger System for NSX is designed for the customer looking for maximum supercharged performance. The system is based around a high output 2.1L twin screw supercharger compressor. ScienceofSpeed has utilized the larger compressor with a supporting high performance fuel and ignition system.

Our goal in producing this kit was to increase the NSX potential in acceleration to be in line with modern day performance cars while maintaining the NSX durability and driveability. Based on power/weight, the system on a factory engine is capable of mid 4 second 0-60 mph times and low to mid 12 second quarter mile times (comparable to Corvette C5 Z06). With a built engine, the potential is greatly increased.

Due to the compressor's increase in performance, ScienceofSpeed has upgraded the system's fuel and electronics to provide injector control and ignition control. The system also includes larger injectors and fuel regulator.

The system produces up to a 140 hp increase at a moderate 9 psi on a factory engine with performance headers and exhaust installed and can produce up to 200+ hp on a mildly built engine, such as our Stage 1 forced induction engine.

Spare supercharger oil is available.  ScienceofSpeed includes 1 bottle with the purchase of a kit, which is good for 10,000 miles.  For additional bottles, you can order those here.

This products is not California CARB exempt. Check for emissions compliance for your location before purchasing.


compressor system:
The core of the ScienceofSpeed Supercharger System is the big bore twin screw compressor that displaces 2.1L of volume per revolution. Increasing displacement of a positive displacement supercharger usually results in an increase of the supercharger length resulting in an increase of parasitic loss and heat. This compressor displaces 2.1L of volume yet has screws and a housing that is comparable to a 1.7L Autorotor or 1.6L Lysholm/Whipple compressor. Manufacture's testing has shown that this compressor requires 15 hp less to operate and produces a discharge temperature 20 degrees lower than similar Autorotor/Lysholm/Whipple compressors of the same volume.

In short, this compressor produces 20% more volume with out an increase in power required to drive it. More volume at every RPM with out increased parasitic loss means increased power at every RPM from tip-in to redline. In fact, the system produces 5-6 PSI of pressure at only 2500 RPM resulting in instant on throttle response.

This compressor features a billet housing for increased rigidity and a strengthened bearing design for the rotors. This updated bearing design results in the compressor being nearly silent at idle and under load. The compressor is much quieter than other twin screw compressors we have ever tested with.

fuel & ignition system:
The ScienceofSpeed Supercharger System includes the AEM Series 2 (1991-94) or AEM Fuel/Ignition Controller (1995-05) to provide direct control over the included upgraded injectors and ignition control. A plug-and-play harness means no modification to the factory electrical harness is required. A base calibration is included that gets you up and running and ready for dyno tuning.

tensioner system:
The ScienceofSpeed Supercharger System includes a rigid tensioner that improves belt traction under load.

system design & reliability:
This system is advanced cast / CNC machined aluminum inlet and intake manifolds that allow a screw type supercharger to be bolted to the NSX engine. This design is incredibly durable and has years of proven reliability.

Our system requires no modifications including cutting, drilling, or modifying of any factory sheet metal components. The installation is straight forward, well documented, and offers 100% reversibility.

Our tuning system is powerful, yet offers reliable trouble free operation. The system requires dynamometer fine tuning once installed (as every forced induction system should require) yet once tuned never requires adjustment. With a built in MAP sensor, the system adjusts to varying air density changes being elevation or climate related.


  • The system is a complete bolt-on package:
  • ScienceofSpeed spec twin screw 2.1L supercharger
  • supercharger drive w/ ScienceofSpeed pulley, adaptor, and belt
  • cast aluminum intake and inlet manifolds w/ billet fuel rails & braided fuel lines
  • ScienceofSpeed supercharger mounting brackets
  • upgraded supercharger belt tensioner and belt drive system
  • upgraded fuel system including fuel/ignition controller, injectors, and regulator adaptor
  • NGK No. 7 Iridium Spark Plugs
  • bypass valve with custom aluminum hardline
  • new alternator


  • 1995-2005 targa top NSX: The factory engine brace and engine cover / targa holder do not clear the supercharger system. We offer a customized aluminum engine brace.  The Targa top can be placed in the trunk for storage during enjoyment of your NSX and ScienceofSpeed supercharger system.
  • 1991-94 NSX: Includes the AEM Series 2. Recommended to also add a pair of UEGO widebands, shown here.
ScienceofSpeed Supercharger System - NSX, 1991-94


ScienceofSpeed Supercharger System - NSX, 1995-96


ScienceofSpeed Supercharger System - NSX, 1997-05


Engine brace (non intercooled supercharger), 152-005 - NSX-T (targa), 1995-05