Downforce NSX-R Style Front Hood


Molded from the actual NA1 and NA2 NSX-R hoods produced by Honda through wind tunnel testing to increase cooling and aerodynamic performance. Where other hoods available are "styled" after the NSX-R, this hood is exact allow you to benefit for a fraction of the price.

Hood increases cooling and aerodynamic performance by ducting air passing through the radiator to exit up and over the car rather than exiting below. Two piece construction consists of the upper shell and internal skeleton promoting strength and rigidity. Hood is compatible with factory pop rod.

The quality, fitment, and accuracy to the original Honda design is among the best we offer. Hood is available in black gelcoated FRP for painting and exposed carbon fiber with clear coat. Hood is unique in retaining the factory ducted vent that secures to the flange molded on to the lower skeleton of the hood. The ducted vent is machined from aluminum and powdercoated with expanded aluminum mesh installed.  

All hoods come with a carbon fiber under structure.

Downforce NSX-R Style Front Hood



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