Downforce Rear Valence - NSX, 1991-05


The 2002 NSX featured restyled bodywork featuring a new rear valence located under the rear bumper. Based on the 2002 NSX rear valence, the Downforce Vector valence features factory quality fitment. The Vector valence features a slight more aggressive bottom lip and side shroud lips to give the valence an enhanced sporty look.

Constructed of raw FRP, the valence is intended for painting. The Downforce Vector Rear Valence is especially attractive as it is sold for hundreds below the cost of the factory rear valence. Compatible with 1991-05 and compatible with the Downforce Sport Diffuser Plate as well as the Downforce DF-R Rear Undertray Diffuser.
Downforce Rear Valence - NSX, 1991-05