ScienceofSpeed Exact Fit Rear Hatch & JGTC-Style Duct - NSX, 1991-05


The ScienceofSpeed Race Hatch offers a lightweight replacement for the rear stock hatch glass with the option of engine ducting for cooling and induction.

This engine hatch is unique in it's true molded construction. The ScienceofSpeed engine hatch is the only polycarbonate (Lexan) hatch that is produced by molding. Other engine hatches use a flat sheet of acrylic that is sandwiched between two factory glass hatches. This does not result in accurate replication of the factory hatch glass as the first factory glass forms the top surface of the resulting plastic hatch with the incorrect (bottom) surface. The ScienceofSpeed Race Hatch differs by using a reverse fiberglass mold. Polycarbonate Lexan material is used with a scratch-resistant hard coat layer on the surface and anti-fogging layer on the inside. Being reverse molded, the resulting window hatch is a direct replica of the factory glass which retains the factory glass curvature, clarity, and fit. The hatch also includes the same blackout border found on the stock glass. The outer perimeter and fastener holes are CNC-routered for precision.

This hatch is compatible with the factory aluminum support hatch rail & factory edge trim. Installation requires drilling and tapping the factory aluminum rail (drill bit & tap is included).


  • Lightweight molded Lexan accurately replicates factory glass shape.
  • CNC routered perimeter & fastener hole pattern for precision.
  • Fastens to factory aluminum rail (hatch is pre-drilled for easy installation).


  • Lexan rear hatch
  • Drill & tap
  • Foam tape
  • Fastener kit


  • JGTC GT500-style duct kit: includes carbon fiber duct based on JGTC GT500 duct. Hatch has intake hole for bringing cool air into engine bay. Includes duct, brackets, fasteners, and drill bit.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Is this an exact replica of the factory glass?
    Yes, in terms of fitment and the general shape of the black-out border. Unlike the factory glass, it does not include the defroster function, and requires drilling & tapping of the factory rail for mounting.
  • Do I need the support rail from my factory glass to install this?
    Yes, the factory aluminum hatch support rail is required. It can be removed by using a windshield adhesive knife (a windshield glass installer can do this for you). 
  • What is required to install this?
    The hatch requires drilling & tapping (drill bit and tap included) into the factory rail and the supplied hatch. Foam tape is installed on to the rail and the hatch is then fastened to the rail using the supplied fastener kit.
  • How does the optional duct attach?
    The optional duct attaches with supplied brackets and required two holes to be drilled in the hatch (drill bit and fasteners included). The hatch has a pre-routered hole to accept the duct. 
  • Can I cut the Lexan to accept another brand's hatch? 
    Yes, however, this requires carefully cutting with a high speed rotary tool with a bit designed for plastic.
ScienceofSpeed Exact Fit Rear Hatch & JGTC-Style Duct - NSX, 1991-05



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