ScienceofSpeed NSX-R Engine Cover


With the discontinuation of the popular NSX-R engine cover, ScienceofSpeed set out to make a direct reproduction. The factory NSX-R cover was replicated down the smallest detail. The cover, with its internal strengthening frame was reproduced using a factory NSX-R cover. This allows the cover to be lightweight, yet rigid. The frame is made with a carbon fiber base, and is available with a black satin painted FRP or gloss tinted clear coated carbon fiber shell.

The mounting installation kit is sold separately depending if the cover will be used on a coupe or targa (pictured below). Note: targa NSX reuses the existing factory pop rod found on the shock tower bar.


  • Coupe vehicles require the coupe installation kit, available seperately.
  • Targa vehicles require the targa installation kit, available seperately.
ScienceofSpeed NSX-R Engine Cover (FRP, black satin paint, with mesh) - NSX, 1991-05


ScienceofSpeed NSX-R Cover Installation Kit - NSX coupe, 1991-01


ScienceofSpeed NSX-R Cover Installation Kit - NSX targa, 1995-05