Honda JDM NSX Front Badge


The Japanese and European market NSXes are equipped with a Honda "H" Front Badge. You may replace your Acura "A" badge with this emblem.

Two versions were produced through the years:

1991-2001 (NA1):
color matched to car's body color, NA1 NSX-R filled red. Available in ALL NSX colors (please specify).

2002-2005 (NA2):
regular NSX badge is not filled, NA2 NSX-R filled red

Note: Any of these badges can be installed on any NSX year.

1991-2001 badges have an "H" logo that is more sharp and square than 2002-2005 badges. Please see photos to the right for a comparison.

These badges are very high quality made to last the lifetime of the vehicle. They in no way compare to cheap aftermarket badges. This is a genuine Honda part from Japan.

You can match these to Honda Japanese tail lamps for any year.

Honda JDM NSX Front Badge



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