Custom Satin Stretch Indoor Car Cover - NSX, 1991-05


Do you love your NSX as much as we love ours? This satin stretch custom made car cover is the softest and most plush car cover available to protect your NSX from dust and debris while stored indoors.

This cover has been custom made for the NSX fitting all of it's contours, body lines, and mirrors. The material is a super soft satin material with Lycra fibers that allow the cover to hug the NSX. This lingerie like material is the same as supplied by Ferrari for their vehicle covers. The material has an inner liner of soft fleece. This cover is unique in it's design of using only 3 solid panels of material. These panels are blind stitched to hide the thread and result in the cleanest looking and best hugging cover available. This cover should be used indoors only.

Stretch Satin Car Cover Tote:
Designed from the same satin stretch material as the car cover with the fleece inner liner. Store your car cover in style! Bag includes to straps and a zipper. Only available in black.


  • The car covers are offered in black, red, yellow, deep blue, and silver to match your NSX. ScienceofSpeed stocks red and black, please allow 2-3 weeks for other colors.
Custom Satin Stretch Indoor Car Cover - NSX, 1991-05



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