ScienceofSpeed Engine Hatch Struts (pair) - NSX, 1991-05


Glass engine hatch falling down? ScienceofSpeed Engine Hatch Struts are direct replacement for the factory engine hatch struts. These struts feature full stainless steel construction of both the body and piston. In addition, these struts also raise the engine hatch higher for better access to the engine bay. These struts are priced significantly less than factory struts (which sell for more than $152.00 per pair).

The struts are made from high end gas springs used in aerospace applications manufactured in the USA. The struts offer precision weighted lifting power and are made for long term durability with full stainless steel construction and high quality seals. The gas springs have been tested for over 100,000 cycles.

Struts bolt right in to factory locations and all hardware for installation is included. In addition, the struts offer increased lifting height over the factory struts which allows easier access to the engine bay.

ScienceofSpeed Engine Hatch Struts (pair) - NSX, 1991-05