ScienceofSpeed Steering Rack Bushing Kit - NSX, 1991-05


ScienceofSpeed Steering Rack Urethane Bushing Kit replaces the factory rubber bushings with bushings that are 22% firmer. This increases steering precision and solves the problem with early cars having sloppy steering response due to the factory rubber bushings shrinking & deteriorating with age.

This 5-piece urethane bushing kit is injection molded using material with a shore hardness of 85A. This material is self lubricating, has a longer service life than rubber, and keeps the shape "memory" better than rubber.

These bushings do not negatively impact driver comfort and do not create audible noises that can be heard in the cabin.

Kit is compatible with all NSX years. Installation for non power steering equipped cars averages 30 minutes while installation on electronic power assisted steering cars averages 1 hour. Alignment to center steering wheel may be required if steering rack's position changes when reinstalled.


  • The kit includes 4 conical bushings for the drivers side mount and 1 D shaped bushing for the passenger side. 
ScienceofSpeed Steering Rack Bushing Kit - NSX, 1991-05