2002 NSX Tail Lamps


In just an hour, you can easily update the rear of your NSX to include the newly redesigned tail lamp assemblies first shown on the 2002 NSX. Tail lamps now feature orange oval blinkers and exposed emblems.

We recommend the addition of the factory tail lamp compression gasket kit (sold separately).


  • The tail light kit includes left, right, and center units. New tail lamps are compatible with existing wire harness that is transferred to new tail lamps. Installation is simple and can be accomplished within an hour.


  • Acura "A": 2002 and later US & Canadian market NSX
  • Honda "H": Japan, Euro, etc. market NSX
  • Honda NSX-R "H": NSX-R spec NSX only (H is red-filled)
2002 Rear Tail Lamps - Acura


2002 Rear Tail Lamps - Honda Badge


2002 Rear Tail Lamps - Honda NSX-R


compression gasket set for tail lamps - NSX, 1991-05