ScienceofSpeed 2002-05 LHD headlight complete conversion - NSX, 1991-2001


This kit is designed to use for 1991-2001 NSX with aftermarket bumpers designed to accept 2002+ fixed headlights (Cantrell GT Bumper, Sorcery Bumper, TAITEC/Tracy Sports Factory Style Bumper, etc.)

Based on our work with converting early NSXes to use the 2002 headlights, we have developed a headlight conversion kit that includes both factory and custom ScienceofSpeed components to allow a bolt-in installation for early NSX.

The 2002 headlights offer improved optics, lighting, and weight reduction. The conversion includes high intensity discharge lighting found on newer luxury and sports vehicles which allows excellent night time vision.

The headlight conversion on early NSXes require a modified hood and bumper to fit the shape of the new headlights. These can be purchased separately here.


  • Factory origional headlight units
  • HID electronics
  • HID bulbs
  • custom ScienceofSpeed headlight brackets
  • internal frame structure support beams and brackets required for a bolt-on installation to early NSXes.
  • internal bumper support brackets, framing, and headlight gaskets and supports that are changed during the headlight conversion
ScienceofSpeed 2002-05 LHD headlight complete conversion - NSX, 1991-2001