Honda JDM Dark Tail Light Kit


Japanese market NSXes feature a rear tail lamp assembly in a dark shade of red. The dark set is produced for countries that require the back marker to glow orange when the turn signal is illuminated. By placing a dark red overlay over the orange plastic, a consistent red could span the back of the car while the orange could glow through when lit.

The center piece features a Honda metallic emblem inlayed into the inside of the lens.

New tail lamps are compatible with existing wire harness that is transferred to new tail lamps. Installation is simple and can be accomplished within an hour.

We recommend the addition of the factory tail lamp compression gasket kit (sold separately).


  • The tail light kit includes left, right, and center units. 
Honda Dark Rear Tail-lamp Lenses (left, right, and center)


Honda JDM Dark LED Spoiler Tail Light


compression gasket set for tail lamps - NSX, 1991-05