Advan RZII Wheels - NSX, 1991-05


Lightweight multi-spoke design from Yokohama Wheels with scalloped spokes for increased rigidity and reduced weight. High quality & near forged wheel weight. Excellent brake clearance and concave rear wheel.

Size / Offsets:

   front: 17x8.0+37 / rear: 18x10.0+35 -or-
   front: 18x8.0+45 / rear: 19x10.0+35

Color (note - all finishes include machined lip):
   Racing Gloss Black
   Racing Indigo Blue
   Racing Hyper Black (dark silver)

Recommended Tire Sizes:
for street cars:
   front: 215-225/40-17 & rear: 265-275/35-18 -or-
   front: 215-225/35-18 & rear: 265-275/30-19 
for performance cars (front may rub under full steering wheel lock):
   235/40-17 & 275/35-18 (many available)

Brake clearance:
   Stoptech & Brembo GT ok front and rear (17x8.0+37 / 18x10.0+35 only)

Weight (approximate):

   front: 17 lbs / rear: 19 lbs


Front & rear wheel set, high speed air fill valves, hub-centric centering rings.


Lug nuts and center caps are optional (20% off when purchased with wheels).

Advan RZII Wheels - NSX, 1991-05



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