Rays Engineering ZE40 Forged Monoblock Wheels


The ZE40 is the newest, lightest, & strongest forged monoblock offered from Rays Engineering. The ZE40 is the cummilation of Rays Engineering forged monoblock wheel manufacturing featured in Formula 1, Super GT, and other top level racing. Deep concaved spokes (face 2 front, face 3 rear).

Size / Offsets:
   front: 17x8.0+38 (face 2) / rear: 18x10.0+39 (face 3)

   Matte Dark Gunmetal
   Matte Blue Gunmetal
   Anodized Bronze

Recommended Tire Sizes:

for street cars:
   front: 215-225/40-17 / rear: 265-275/35-18
for performance cars (front may rub under full steering wheel lock):
   front: 235/40-17 / rear: 265-275/35-18

 Brake clearance:
   factory brakes ok
   Stoptech big brakes do not clear, Brembo unknown


   front 17x8.0: 15.5 lbs (approximate) / rear 18x10.0: 17.5 lbs


Front & rear wheel set, high speed air valves, hub-centric centering rings.


Lug nuts and center caps are optional (20% off when purchased with wheels).

Rays Engineering ZE40 Forged Monoblock Wheels



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