AEM CD-5 & CD-7 Race Dash


The AEM CD Digital Dash Displays allow easy connection to popular engine management systems (AEM or others) for customizable gauges displayed the way you want to see them. The CD Dash can replace the factory instrument cluster, or be added in addition to it.

WHAT IT IS: The AEM CD Digital Dash Displays feature full-color, daylight readable screens surrounded by a slim, tough, lightweight flow-molded carbon fiber composite housing. Seven ultra-bright LEDs span the top of the display housings for RPM and shift light indication. Users can program them to ascend in specific increments based on RPM range and flash when it is time to shift. Brightness is user programmable on the fixed color LEDs. A remote button kit (PN 30-3610, sold separately) easily wires into the CD Carbon wiring harness and allows users to change pages and clear memory. Two additional programmable LEDs are included in the enclosure and are fully programmable.

HOW IT COMMUNICATES TO THE ECU: The AEM CD Digital Dash Displays receive all of their information from the aftermarket engine management system ECU (AEM Infinity, Series 2, or others). Factory data, like engine speed, vehicle speed, coolant temperature, manifold pressure, etc. are communicated to the dash over CAN. Aftermarket sensors, like fuel pressure, oil pressure, or oil temperature, that are already added to the ECU can also be displayed. An optional 6-channel CAN Expansion Module can be added to add additional sensors, like fuel level.

TRACK MAPPING & LOGGING CAPABILITIES: The AEM CD Digital Dash Displays are available optionally with a GPS input, which allows track lap times to be displayed on the dash. In addition, logging can be added which adds the ability to recall prior lap times and save data for analysis to review track times and sector times to improve driver performance.

CAN-BASED ACCELEROMETER & GYROSCOPE FOR G-LOADS, ROLL, PITCH AND YAW: Racers looking for acceleration forces and vehicle dynamics channels in addition to GPS can purchase a Vehicle Dynamics Module (PN 30-2206). The VDM includes a GPS receiver and antenna, a 3-axis gyroscope for viewing and recording roll, pitch and yaw, and a 3-axis accelerometer for collecting longitudinal, lateral and vertical acceleration.

UNLIMITED ALARMS AND WARNING TEXT: Put an end to obscure warning LEDs! A powerful alarm editor allows you to create warning alerts and alarms for any incoming channel using customizable text in almost any language. We designed a dedicated alarm page that brings your attention to the dash in the event of a potentially catastrophic issue whenever a user-definable condition is met.

SEVEN PAGES TOTAL, ALL CUSTOM CONFIGURABLE: Users can create fully custom layouts and put whatever they want wherever they want on the screen. Templates include seven total pages; a startup page, four main pages, a unique ‘On-Change’ page and a dedicated Alarm event page.

THREE EVENT TRIGGERED PAGES: Three event-based pages ensure that you do not miss any critical changes to the vehicle’s operating state. One is an alarm page. This will display whenever a user-definable condition is met and remains active until it is cleared by pressing the left button on the housing. The second is an On-Change page. This is perfect for knowing what map you are on if you have map switching for different boost levels or traction control, and for viewing lap time, split time, etc., whenever you pass the start/stop beacon on the racetrack (beacon must be configured before racing). The third is a Start-Up page that is triggered every time the dash powers up. You can program whatever splash screen graphics you want.

FREE DASHDESIGN GRAPHICS EDITOR SOFTWARE: DashDesign Screen Editing software is free and unlocked, so you will never pay for additional software features. You can assign incoming channels to the supplied layouts or create your own from scratch, the only limit is your imagination! We provide multiple layouts and themes to accommodate most styles and types of racing.

For housing dimensions & instructions, click here (dimensional drawings start on page 56).


  • Full color 5" or 7” screen with 800x480 resolution
  • Direct sunlight readable (1000cd/m2 brightness and anti-glare filter)
  • Rugged, lightweight flow-molded carbon fiber composite enclosure
  • Total display weight of 20.9 oz. / 595 grams
  • IP65 water resistance - open cockpit, marine and motorcycle safe
  • Accepts channels from two separate user programmable CAN bus connections – works with AEMnet enabled devices and non-AEM 3rd party devices side by side
  • Available with or without 200Mb internal logging (up to 1,000Hz/channel)
  • Available with or without on-board 20Hz GPS receiver and antenna
  • Add a Vehicle Dynamics Module for GPS, 3-axis gyroscope and 3 axis accelerometer for G-loads, roll, pitch, yaw, track mapping and lap timing.
  • Seven programmable pages including four Main pages, Alarm, On-Change and Start-up pages
  • Dedicated Alarm page quickly identifies problems, programmable in almost any language! (user defined)
  • Unique On-Change page can be used to identify map switching for boost, traction, lap times, etc.
  • Use included page layouts and input your channels and text, or create your own from scratch
  • Free DashDesign Graphics Editor software
  • Seven LED RPM/shift light indicators on top of the housing (programmable and dimmable)
  • Two programmable LEDs
  • Odometer function
  • Over 200 supplied fully programmable SAE and custom warning icons, and you can add your own
  • ‘Headlight-in’ connection dims the dash and LEDs during night operation
  • Two extra switch inputs included for displaying user-triggered events (blinkers, high beams etc.)
  • User supplied graphics can be changed based on channel values (up to the full screen size)
  • Convert CAN bus channel values to user-defined text in multiple languages


  • AEM CD-5 (5") or CD-7 (7") display
  • ScienceofSpeed default design for NSX or S2000, plus default designs provided by AEM


Display size:

  • 5" 800x480 resolution
  • 7" 800x480 resolution

Optional features

  • Basic display only
  • Logging only (requires Vehicle Dynamic Module for lap timing)
  • GPS only (allows the display of track lap timing)
  • GPS + Logging (saves track data for recalling lap times and analysis for driver performance improvement)

Housing Type:

  • Flat (flush-mounted, requires external switches for page switching - optional switches are available or any aftermarket push-button type is compatible)
  • Hooded with switches (small shade hood with built-in switches)

CAN Expansion Module:

Switch Kit:

  • 2 external switches interacting with the dash (for the flat housing, which does not have switches built-in). Note: any push-button switch may be used for this function.
AEM CD-5 & CD-7 Race Dash



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