Carbon Fiber Interior Overlay Trim Kit


Genuine 2x2 twill carbon fiber overlay adds a contemporary and high-tech look to the interior of your car.

The overlay trim kit attaches to the factory interior panels and includes the full height center console, clock, vents, left and right door trim, and gauge cluster trim as shown in the photos.

Overlay trim kit is laser cut for precision fitment and includes pre-applied 3M adhesive for installation.Interior panels do not require removal, but should be cleaned with rubbing alcohol for best adhesion.

Stereo Options:
Interior trim kit is available for both the factory stereo and aftermarket double DIN units. 

The overlay attaches to either a factory console or a composite console. The console must be cut to match the shape of the stereo cut out. If using the factory console, the front surface must be filled in and cut to shape.

This console trim is made specifically to the dimensions shown on this sheet. You must verify that these dimensions will work appropriately with your double DIN head unit. Returns are not available on this custom made piece.

Please note: the ash tray door can not be used with out double DIN stereos with out modification due to the increased height of the stereo.

The double DIN center console trim is available separately here (if you already have the rest of the kit and plan on adding a double DIN stereo).

Compatible with Left Hand Drive only:
Compatible with left hand drive NSX only.

NSX carbon fiber interior trim - 7 pc kit (factory stereo) - NSX, 1991-05 (LHD)


NSX carbon fiber interior trim - 7 pc kit (double DIN stereo) - NSX (LHD only)