Cedar Ridge NSX Harness Bar System - NSX, 1991-05


The Cedar Ridge Harness Bar is a direct fit harness bar solution for the NSX. Featuring a unique billet machined bracket, this harness does not require drilling into the B pillar panels for mounting.

The harness bar is compatible with most 4, 5, 6, and 7 pt harness belts. Additional hardware may be required to mount your harness belts to the bar. This hardware is typically available from the harness belt supplier.

Racing harnesses are not designed for street use. If not worn correctly, racing harnesses may not function properly leading to injury or death. Follow installation and usage instructions provided by the racing harness manufacture.

This harness bar is not designed for, and makes no warranty or representations for the ability to prevent or protect user against roll over collision protection.

This product has no warranty or representations made for the ability to protect or prevent injury or death. The user assumes that risk.


  • All required hardware is included for installation.
Cedar Ridge NSX Harness Bar System - NSX, 1991-05