extended thread gear shift stalk


Gear lever stalk is a direct replacement for the standard NSX gear lever stalk. This gear stalk is made for left hand drive (driver sits on left side of car) NSX only.

The gear stalk features a different shape and an extended amount of threads (see below).

Due to the stalk being "straight" and there being an extended length of threads, shift knobs can thread down further on the shaft. For example, the Zanardi / Type-S shift knob (sold here) threads down approximately 30mm further down the shaft. Other knobs, such as the Rapid Tear Drop knob (sold here) thread down approximately 10mm further down the shaft. Further, shift knobs such as the factory NSX-R knob (sold here) or other ball type knobs with engraving can use this shift stalk to install both the knob and jam nut to set the clocking of the shift pattern.

Also works great with the short shift kit.

extended thread gear shift stalk