Honda Display Pod


Honda offered an optional navigation system for the Japanese market. Using the display pod from the system, the display pod can be used to mount a LCD screen for navigation or video sources, as well as alternative uses like a gauge mounting panel.


  • This includes the display pod, duct, and screw covers. Display pod replaces factory vent and clock assembly. Included shorter height duct adapts the display pod's shorter vents to the factory climate control duct (mounting bracket sold separately below).


two versions:

  • Part no. ipp-156 was used by Honda as an option in the 1991-2001 NSX. 
  • Part no. ipp-157 was used by Honda as an option in the 2002-2005 NSX. 

The design and finishes are identical. The only differences are 1) ipp-156 has the logo "Honda Navigation System" and ipp-157 does not and 2) the control knob designs are slightly different. 2002-2005 customers: please note the surface finish on both ipp-156 and ipp-157 is darker than the lighter console finish in the 2002-05 NSX.

Honda Display Pod, Duct, & Tabs (with Honda Navigation Logo) - NSX, 1991-05


Honda Display Pod, Duct, & Tabs (blank, no logo) - NSX, 1991-05


ScienceofSpeed Display Pod Mounting Bracket - NSX, 1991-05