ScienceofSpeed Sliding Seat Rails - NSX, 1991-05


ScienceofSpeed Sliding Seat Rail Mounts offer a lightweight adjustable mounting solution for installing aftermarket bucket style seats in to the NSX.

An adjustable design accommodates side mounting seats with different side mounting lengths including NSX-R (235mm) and aftermarket (290mm) seats including Recaro, Sparco, MOMO, and OMP. Designed to mount seats at NSX-R height (center positions) or higher / lower. Adjustable width design accommodates seats 400-430mm wide including NSX-R, Recaro Pole Position, SPG XL, Pro Racer, Sparco EVO, EVO2, etc.

The sliding seat rails feature features exclusive to the ScienceofSpeed Sliding Seat Mounts including seat belt mounting tabs designed for factory seat belt buckles to be used with seats designed for factory seat belt, including NSX-R. ScienceofSpeed Sliding Seat Mounts also feature unique CNC machined steel T quick-nuts which allow the seats to be fastened with out a separate socket wrench significantly reducing installation time.


  • adjustable easy to install design
  • side mount brackets include seat belt tabs for factory seat belts to be used with seats designed for factory seat belts
  • CNC laser cut & bent TIG welded sliding seat bases
  • CNC bent side mounting brackets
  • CNC bent tube adjustment handle
  • grade 8+ mounting hardware
  • CNC machined T quick-nuts allow easy installation and adjustability
  • lightweight design saves more than 5 lbs compared to prior designs
ScienceofSpeed Sliding Seat Rails, left - NSX, 1991-05


ScienceofSpeed Sliding Seat Rails, right - NSX, 1991-05