NRG Quick Release Steering Hub Adaptor


Quick release steering hubs allow quick removal of the steering wheel for easy race car access and offers an additional level of security with the steering wheel removed.

There are three parts needed to install this into your car:

  • steering wheel (Sparco, Momo, Omp, Type-R, Type-S, etc.)
  • quick release hub
  • short adaptor hub

NRG Quick Release
The NRG Quick Release Steering Hub Adaptor is made from precision billet aluminum components allowing a very tight fitment. Once locked together, the hub becomes a solid piece that does not have the rotational slop that is experienced with other quick release hubs.

Version 2.0 vs. 2.5
The new version 2.5 features billet paddles that makes steering wheel release easier - especially useful on a race car where the driver has gloves on.

  • Colors available (version 2.0):
  • black w/ titanium ring
  • red w/ titanium ring
  • blue w/ titanium ring
  • black w/ carbon fiber ring

Colors available (version 2.5):

  • black w/ black ring
  • black w/ titanium ring
  • red w/ red ring
  • silver w/ silver ring

Short Adaptor Hubs
ScienceofSpeed offers the NRG Short Adaptor Hub as well as the Works Bell steering hub adapter.. They are both compatible with version 2.0 and 2.5 NRG steering hubs. Both NRG and Works Bell hubs are black.

In additional to making entrance and exit to the car much easier (especially handy in cars with race type seats or roll cages) the quick release steering hub also adds a security feature by removing the steering wheel from the car. NRG also offers a steering hub lock plate (shown to the right) which places a key-locked plate in front of the hub blocking access to the fasteners of the hub.

This product requires removal of the air bag assembly. It is designed for OFF ROAD USE ONLY.

NRG Quick Release Hub Version 2.0 (black, red, or blue)


NRG Quick Release Version 2.0 Steering Hub black w/ carbon ring


NRG Quick Release Version 2.5 Steering Hub (black/black, black/titanium, red/red, or silver/silver)


NRG NSX Short Hub Adaptor - for use with quick release


NRG Locking Plate for Quick Release