ScienceofSpeed 7 inch IPS LCD Screen & Mounting Kit - NSX, 1991-05


Designed to work in conjunction with the Honda display pod (sold separately), the ScienceofSpeed 7" IPS LCD Display & Mounting kit allows you to display any up to three video sources on the included high quality IPS LCD display.

The kit is based on a high quality high resolution 7" IPS LCD Display (similar to what is used in modern digital tablets). This new-technology IPS format is incredibly bright (400 Cd/m2) featuring deep blacks with a high 800:1 contrast ratio with a nearly 180 degree viewing angle making the screen ideal for bright light automotive interior applications. It allows up to three video sources to be displayed through the HDMI, VGA, and composite (RCA) inputs.

The display comes pre-assembled to a CNC-machined billet aluminum mounting bezel held in place with a custom made stainless steel mounting bracket. The assembly is then installed in to the Honda display pod using supplied mounting adhesive. Once mounted, the display can switch between sources using the included infrared remote control which interfaces with the display through the cleverly hidden IR sensor in the mounting bezel. The display allows plug-and-play integration to the gaugeART Video Gauge Adapter.

display specifications:

  • 7.0" widescreen IPS LCD
  • resolution: 1280x800 (and lower resolutions, like 800x480)
  • luminance: 400 Cd/m2
  • contrast ratio: 800:1
  • input signal: HDMI, VGA, or composite (RCA)
  • features: wireless remote, auto-off, hard coated screen


  • 7.0" widescreen high resolution IPS LCD Display assembly with custom mounted graphics board
  • CNC machined billet aluminum display mount
  • power connector
  • mounting adhesive


VGA cable: if this display is to be used with a gaugeART Video Gauge Adapter, a VGA cable is required and available above.

ScienceofSpeed 7 inch IPS LCD Screen & Mounting Kit - NSX, 1991-05