ScienceofSpeed Subwoofer Enclosure - NSX, 1991-05 (LHD only)


Newly redesigned, we proudly introduce the evolution of the ScienceofSpeed Audiophile Subwoofer Enclosure for Acura NSX. Featuring an all composite design -  our new subwoofer enclosure is lighter, stronger, has increased volume, and decreased intrusion into the passenger's footwell.

We completely redesigned the enclosure to maximize volume while making the intrusion into the passenger's footwell an absolute minimum. By doing so, we were able to increase volume to .63 cu/ft while reducing intrusion into the footwell.

The ScienceofSpeed Audiophile Subwoofer Enclosure replaces the existing factory plastic enclosure that holds a meager 4" speaker. By replacing this unit and fitting deeply under the dash, a large 10" woofer with sufficient volume to produce crisp low range frequency response. Once installed, the subwoofer becomes hidden and the interior maintains a factory like appearance.

The enclosure is molded and produced with a rigid FRP composite shell. The enclosure is unfinished in a black gelcoat, and can be painted as desired (not required, as it is hidden). This gives the enclosure good rigidity, a good seal for woofer rebound, and a consistent fit. Floating fasteners allow for a variety of woofers to be used with different screw patterns. The ScienceofSpeed Subwoofer enclosure includes a custom stepped face design that flush mounts the subwoofer with a supplied grill. This eliminates damage to the subwoofer and allows the factory carpeting to rest on the face of the box.

The ScienceofSpeed Subwoofer Enclosure was designed around the low profile Hertz ES 250 10" subwoofer. This subwoofer produces the best low frequency response that we have heard in this enclosure. Other 10" low profile subwoofers will also fit. If you will not be selecting the enclosure with the subwoofer we recommend, please verify fitment with the fitment before purchasing.

Hertz ES 250 Woofer (available with enclosure):
diameter: 10"
power (peak): 500 W
power (continuous): 250 W
voice coil: single 4 Ohm (dual voice coil available by special order)

The kit includes the subwoofer enclosure, heavy duty powdercoated steel grill, grill mounting fasteners, and polyfill (and subwoofer if purchased together).

NOTE: All electronic power steering (EPS) NSX require the EPS module to be relocated to the glove box, which can be done so with out wire harness modification.

ScienceofSpeed Subwoofer Enclosure for 10 inch subwoofer - NSX, 1991-05 (LHD only)


ScienceofSpeed Subwoofer Enclosure & Hertz 10 inch subwoofer - NSX, 1991-05 (LHD only)