KW Suspension Adjustable Coilover Variant 3 - NSX, 1991-05


KW Automotive introduces the Variant 3 Suspension for the Acura NSX. Through extensive NSX specific high technology tuning, the Variant 3 suspension represents one of the most thoroughly developed and tested suspensions for the NSX.

Unusually compliant and comfortable on the street for such a high performance damper, the Variant 3 is perhaps the highest performance suspension system equally suited for the street as the race track.

KW Variant 3 Suspension Introduction:

The KW suspensions coilover for the Acura NSX enables the owner to lower their vehicle 20 to 50mm (.8 - 2.0") on the front axle and 25mm to 55mm (.9 - 2.1") on the rear axle. The coilover suspension retains enough travel to handle maximum load and dynamic loads during driving. Double adjustable rebound and compression damping allows a truly individual performance driving setup for those technically demanding drivers. Compressions damping adjustment is conducted in the low-speed range, while the high-speed set-up, so decisive for driving comfort, has been pre-set by KW engineers.

KW Variant 3 Suspension Development & Testing:

The KW suspension benefits from development utilizing KW's ultra modern seven post suspension dyno. Utilizing four posts for road dynamics and three for vehicle load, the rig allows engineers to fine tune damper response benefiting not only performance but damper response to fine tune and smooth the suspensions for street use. In addition to laboratory testing, the suspension was also extensively tested on street and track use.

KW Variant 3 Suspension Quality:
Important characteristics such as safety, quality and performance are all taken into consideration with each KW coilover design. Each vehicle application is specifically designed and engineered for a proper range of motion, min/max weight loads and min/max lowering. All these requirements are met while retaining its performance handling characteristics. Each KW coilover suspension is produced with unique stainless steel Inox-line technology. The stainless steel construction internally and externally provides long term durability and corrosion resistance from the elements.

All KW coilovers pass stringent German TUV safety and quality testing standards. Each kit is sold TUV approved.

KW Variant 3 Suspension Facts:

  • corner height adjustable (20-50mm front, 25-55mm rear)
  • separate compression (bottom mount adjustable) and rebound (top pin adjustable) dampening adjustment
  • stainless steel internal and external construction
  • spring rates - front: 350 lb/in, rear: 350 lb/in
  • German manufactured, TUV approved.

KW Variant 3 suspension utilizes the factory top mount & bushings. ScienceofSpeed recommends replacing the bushings if worn with factory bushings, ScienceofSpeed high-performance urethane bushings, or ScienceofSpeed top mounts, which include bushings.

KW Suspension Adjustable Coilover Variant 3 - NSX, 1991-05