ScienceofSpeed Display Pod Mount for AEM CD7 - NSX, 1991-05


Receive 50% on this mount kit when purchased with a CD7. Discount will be automatically applied to the cart.

The ScienceofSpeed Display Pod Mount for AEM CD7 allows the CD7 race dash to be mounted in the factory Honda display pod (available here).

The AEM CD-7 (available here) is a full-featured race dash that offers real-time monitoring of engine parameters from an aftermarket engine management system, or analog expansion module if the vehicle has the factory ECU installed.


  • Mounts the AEM CD7 display module into the factory display pod with an aluminum bezel (display pod sold separately).
  • The AEM CD7 is compatible with every major ECU (AEM Infinity, Haltech, Link, Emtron, Motec, etc).
  • Top shift lights are not used (due to size constraints) however, the left and right LEDs can be configured as shift lights as well as general warning lights.
  • Highly configurable options for engine protection warnings (such as coolant over temperature). Options include warning pages and bar gauges that change colors or digital gauges that blink.
  • For applications with a factory ECU, an analog expansion module (available on the CD7 page here) is available separately which allows for monitoring factory and aftermarket sensors as well as engine speed.
  • Optional lap timing and logging are available.


  • ScienceofSpeed CD7 Display Mount
  • CAN bus cable
  • Illumination wire & tap for nighttime dimming
  • Mounting hardware & adhesive
ScienceofSpeed Display Pod Mount for AEM CD7 - NSX, 1991-05