ScienceofSpeed Adjustable Anti-Sway Bars for NSX


ScienceofSpeed's new Unified Adjustable Anti-Sway Bars are designed to fit 1991-05 NSX. ScienceofSpeed's Anti-Sway bars were designed to be symmetric from left to right increasing linear load transfer between the suspension. The anti-sway bars function to reduce load transfer between corners of the car effectively reducing sway. The adjustable bars also allow for tuning of the suspension.

ScienceofSpeed Adjustable Anti-Sway Bars are Superior!

  • advanced design fits 1991-05 NSX, no confusion!
  • fully adjustable front and rear
  • symmetric design insures linear load transfer between corners

ScienceofSpeed's Adjustable Anti-Sway Bars are 3 (front) x 2 (rear) position adjustable allowing for 9 different combinations for adjusting under and oversteer bias of your NSX. 22.2 mm bars allow different spring rates and biasing front and rear.

Powder-coated anti-sway bar kit includes all that is required for a bolt-in installation, no modifications required.

Anti-sway bars fit all year NSX. NSX with NSX-R chassis bars will require this spacer kit. Rear anti-sway bar fits exhausts that fall into the confines of the original Honda exhaust.

ScienceofSpeed Adjustable Anti-Sway Bars for NSX