Cedar Ridge Adjustable Stabilizer End Links


Cedar Ridge Adjustable Stabilizer Bar End Links are direct replacements for the factory end links that secure the stabilizer bar (anti-sway bar) on either corner's control arm.

Manufactured with high quality rod ends, locking hardware, and billet aluminum bushings. Rear pair is available with an adjustable turnbuckle. The adjustable turnbuckle (which features right hand thread on one side and left hand thread on the other) allows the length of the link to be adjusted with out first removing them from the car (which takes time due to the length of the rear bolt). This is ideal for track cars that will use the sway bar to perform corner weight adjustments. The front links are offered in one style as they are easily removed for adjustment.

This is an excellent upgrade for customers with aftermarket thicker higher-rate stabilizer bars that can cause the factory end links to fail.

Cedar Ridge Fabrication Sway Bar End Links, front pair - NSX, 1991-05


Cedar Ridge Fabrication Sway Bar End Links w/ turnbuckle, rear pair - NSX, 1991-05