ScienceofSpeed Non-Compliance Rear Beam Bushings Kit (pre-installed in to beam)


At the cost of handling performance, rubber bushings are typically used in production vehicle suspension components for reasons of manufacturing costs, comfort, and maintainability. During suspension movement, load transfer can be uneven and not linear due to the inherent elasticity properties of rubber.

In the NSX, with it's mid-engine configuration, this is manifested through un-predictable rear-end handling at the limit. These products target specific locations in the suspension in which performance can be improved with out adversely affecting driver comfort. Reasonable in price with out an effect on quality.

Designed to be used to supplement the toe-links, the ScienceofSpeed Non-Compliance Rear Beam removes the factory rubber bushings for the lower control arm pickup point embedded in the rear suspension cross beam. The build-up and sudden release of energy transfer experienced is eliminated.

The factory rubber bushing is replaced with aluminum and Delrin bushings. Delrin is a self lubricating low deflection compound that allows low compliance while maintaining good ride and streetability characteristics.

We highly recommend the use of the non-compliance toe links in conjunction with the rear beam bushings.

The factory bushings must be pressed out from the factory rear cross beam. Since this requires special tools and experience, we offer pre-processed rear cross beams on exchange as a part of our no-charge core exchange program.

ScienceofSpeed will ship you a pre-processed rear beam. The beam is bead blasted, cleaned, and installed with new non-compliance bushings. Once removed, simply ship back your factory rear suspension beam. We offer the bushing kits separately for user-installation.  For full details, please click here.


ScienceofSpeed Non-Compliance Rear Beam Bushings Kit (pre-installed in to beam)



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