ScienceofSpeed Non-Compliance Toe-Links - NSX, 1991-05


At the cost of handling performance, rubber bushings are typically used in production vehicle suspension components for reasons of comfort. The rear factory toe links (shown here) have rubber bushed joints where they connect with the control arms. These elastic rubber bushings cause deflection of the toe alignment during suspension travel.

In the NSX, it's mid-engine configuration, the effect of this can be felt during hard cornering, especially long duration "sweeper" type corners. The effect translates into a sense of "float" or "uncertainty" from the rear of the car at the limit.

The ScienceofSpeed Rapid Non-Compliance Toe Links increase driver confidence by eliminating dynamic toe change during cornering, braking, and acceleration.

Uneven energy transfer with factory rubber bushings is eliminated. This results in the reduction of unpredictable handling at the limit. High quality Aurora Bearing rod ends are used. New high strength 7000 series aluminum rods result in a 50% reduction in weight compared to prior steel rods. Due to the link's placement, the factory rubber bushings can be replaces with nearly no affect on ride comfort.

The non-compliance toe links make one of the best handling improvements for the NSX especially when driven at the limit. We highly recommend our non-compliance rear beam bushings to be used in conjunction.


Kit includes machined aluminum rods, bushings, high quality rod ends, high strength nuts, dust seals, and anti-seize grease packet for installation (everything required for a complete installation). Alignment is recommended after installation.

Easy to install dust seals aid in protection of the rod end bearings against wear from road debris. Dust seals are included with the toe link kit.

ScienceofSpeed Non-Compliance Toe-Links - NSX, 1991-05