ScienceofSpeed Shock Absorber Top Mount (pair) - NSX, 1991-05


ScienceofSpeed top mounts are lightweight, CNC-machined aluminum, with a hard anodized finish that replaces the factory steel top mount for shock absorbers using aftermarket straight springs (not compatible with conical factory springs, or factory-style lowering springs). High-performance urethane bushings replace the rubber factory top mount bushings. The top mount and bushings were engineered to support the entire weight of each corner.

The ScienceofSpeed Shock Absorber Top Mount Kit is designed for three applications:

  • Example 1: Shock absorbers that use 60mm, 62mm (2.5"), or 65mm springs where the spring mates to the bottom of the top mount (such as KW Variant 3).
  • Example 2: Shock absorbers that use spring top caps (such as JRZ RS Pro).
  • Example 3: Shock absorbers used with suspension lift system actuators (such as iLIFT, Stance, etc).

Shock shaft:

The top mounts are available for shock absorbers that use 10mm or 12mm shafts.


Compatible with 60mm or larger springs. Not compatible with 2.25" or factory springs. For applications using factory or factory-style tapered springs, use the factory top mount with this kit. Spring isolators are available for 62mm or 65mm springs. Spring isolators are only used for applications that use springs that mate to the bottom of the top mount (example 1). For applications that use 60mm springs mounted to the bottom of the top mount, spring sheets are available from Swift Springs (part no. 044101). For applications using iLIFT, Stance, or other compatible suspension lift system actuators, any spring size may be used that is compatible with the actuator. Contact the suspension lift manufacturer for recommended springs.

Known compatible shock absorbers:

  • KW Variant 3: 10mm shock shaft, 62mm spring
  • JRZ RS Pro: 12mm shock shaft, with any spring using top cap as shown in the diagram

New design eliminates the need to use the glued-on KW spring bushing for bottom mount spring applications.

This kit includes one pair of top mounts. Two pairs are required for front and rear installations.


  • 2 x machined 6061 billet aluminum top mount with pre-installed mounting studs
  • 4 x urethane bushings
  • 2 x sleeve (10 or 12mm)
  • 4 x snubbing washers (10 or 12mm)
  • optional 62 or 65mm spring isolators for springs that mount to the bottom of the top mount (Swift Springs sheets for 60mm springs, part no. 044101, available here)
ScienceofSpeed Shock Absorber Top Mount (pair) - NSX, 1991-05



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