ScienceofSpeed 4-Bar MAP Pressure Sensor - S2000, 2006-09


The standard Honda MAP sensor is capable of reading up to 12 PSI of manifold pressure. Any cars above 12 PSI must upgrade the MAP sensor. The ScienceofSpeed 3-bar MAP sensor is a direct replacement for the factory MAP sensor allowing for accurate intake pressure measurement of up to 40 PSI.

This is the only sensor offered for the 2006-09 that does not require cutting of the factory plug or modifying the sensor to fit.
This sensor is unique compared to other sensors in that it uses the factory MAP sensor plug and fits into the factory location. The sensor plugs directly in with out modification and does not require cutting of any wires.

The lab grade sensor transducer provides a reliable linear voltage response from vacuum to 40 PSI. This sensor allows good resolution for vacuum conditions allowing good idle & drivability.

This sensor is intended to be used with a stand-alone engine management system like the Hondata Dual ECU K-Pro or Hondata FlashPro.

Sensor is supplied with new o-ring for installation. Housing is black.

S2000, 2006-09
Civic (R18), 2006-current

ScienceofSpeed 4-Bar MAP Pressure Sensor - S2000, 2006-09