Centric Premium Brake Rotors


Centric premium brake rotors are the same premium castings used for manufacture of Power Slot and SportStop brake rotors - simply with out the additional machining of slotted and cross drilled rotors. These high quality rotors feature premium materials, design, and finishings of OEM rotors, but at a fraction of the price.


  • premium high strength alloy
  • fully machined profile and features
  • Machining designs engineered for optimal rotor integrity
  • Double-disc ground for a consistent friction surface and better pad bed-in
  • Mill-balanced for vibration-free performance
  • Black e-coating on non-friction surfaces provides lasting, attractive looks


  • Rotors are sold as a front or rear pair.
Centric Premium Brake Rotor, front pair - S2000, 2000-09


Centric Premium Brake Rotor, rear pair - S2000, 2000-09