Speed Engineering Directional Vaned Brake Rotors


Two piece rotor technology at a one piece rotor price.

The Speed Engineering rotor surpasses the performance of any other single piece rotor for S2000.

Factory style rotors, and all other aftermarket one piece rotors currently available for the S2000, use non-directional straight vanes (see diagram below). This is ideal for cost savings as only one casting is required for either left or right rotors (the rotor can be mounted on either the left or right of the car). Directionally vaned rotors are much more of an effective design for thermal dissipation as air flow is actively pumped from the center to the outside of the rotor. This active pumping of air can decrease rotor temperatures by more than 100 degrees F dramatically improving brake rotor and pad durability and life as well as improving fade resistance on the track. This design requires two separate castings for either left or right for a one piece rotor - usually making the approach not cost effective. Despite this, the Speed Engineering rotors are priced aggressively and similar in price to standard slotted non-directional vaned rotors.

Click here for comprehensive track testing of Speed Engineering Directional Brake Rotors.

The Speed Engineering Directional Vented Rotors feature vanes that are directionally oriented for both the left and the right rotor to allow air flow to be pump from the inside out. The center reverse mounted hub of the brake rotor places the ventilation on the wheel side of the rotor for increased air flow. The reverse mount design allows the factory heat shield to be retained in order to protect the suspension and steering joints from heat,

The cooler running rotor will allow more consistent brake performance, increased durability, and a longer use life. In addition to increased durability from the rotor - suspension joints, steering joints, and wheel bearings will benefit from cooler running rotors.

Especially important to Time Trial and other "spec class" S2000s, this rotor is factory sized and not 2 piece, so no additional class points deductions required.

Rear rotors are available in the same factory solid design (non vented with slotted disc faces.


advantages of Speed Engineering Directionally Vaned Rotors:

  • improved cooling efficiency - compared to factory & aftermarket straight vanes, directional vaned rotors improves durability of brake components, suspension & steering joints.
  • slotted faces allow out gas & sweeping of material from pads.
  • lighter weight design - front rotor ~1 lb lighter than factory
  • epoxy coating - coating on non swept areas (hub & vanes) inhibit corrosion to keep rotors looking great.
  • double disc ground - taper free finish ensures parallel surface and better brake pad - rotor break in.
  • mill balanced - additional machining operation eliminates rotor vibration.
Speed Engineering Directional Vane Slotted Brake Rotor, left front - S2000, 2000-09


Speed Engineering Directional Vane Slotted Brake Rotor, right front - S2000, 2000-09


Speed Engineering Slotted Brake Rotor, left rear - S2000, 2000-09


Speed Engineering Slotted Brake Rotor, right rear - S2000, 2000-09