Forged Lightweight Flywheels


Forged Lightweight Flywheels are one piece forged 4140 steel. One piece design with integrated starter ring gear is the most reliable and durable for any power level.

Compatible with ScienceofSpeed Sport 325 Clutch, ScienceofSpeed Sport 400 Hybrid Clutch, factory clutch, and any clutch designed for the factory flywheel.

Two versions are available:

Lightweight Model (11.5 lbs):

The Lightweight model features a total weight of 11.5 lbs. This flywheel is intended for mostly street & track driven vehicles.

Ultra Lightweight Model (8.5 lbs):

The Ultra Lightweight model features a total weight of 8.5 lbs and features additional machining mostly on the outer circumference of the flywheel where the reduced rotating assembly weight makes the most difference. This flywheel is most popular with vehicles driven mostly on the track. This flywheel is not ideal for street driven vehicles - the dramatic reduction in rotating weight makes the clutch more difficult to modulate in stop and go traffic.

By comparison, the factory flywheel for AP1 (2000-03) weighs 14lbs and the AP2 (2004-09) weighs 21lbs.

Note: AP1 slave cylinder is recommended for 2004-09 S2000 when a lightweight flywheel is installed.

11.5 lb Lightweight Flywheel - S2000, 2000-09


8.5 lb Ultra Lightweight Flywheel - S2000, 2000-09