ScienceofSpeed Billet Twin Carbon 700 Clutch & Flywheel - S2000, 2000-09


The ScienceofSpeed Billet Twin Carbon Clutch & Flywheel is a revolutionary clutch for the S2000 for customers with high horsepower engines.

Typical high horsepower clutches for the S2000 can be difficult to drive. This is because in order to hold increased power, manufactures have had to greatly increase the coefficient of friction (making the clutch very difficult to engage) and produce a very high clamp load (making the clutch pedal very stiff). By making the car difficult to operate, these clutches affect an important interface of the driver to the car - ultimately taking away from the joy of driving the S2000.

By using true carbon-carbon discs in a multi-disc design, ScienceofSpeed has been able to take advantage of the unique properties of carbon-carbon discs to design a clutch that is easy to engage with a pedal effort that is close to stock.

The ScienceofSpeed Billet Twin Carbon clutch is the only true carbon-carbon clutch designed for the S2000. Other clutches, even multi-plate clutches, are still difficult to drive because the high friction discs used.

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carbon-carbon friction liners:
The clutch is made up of two discs, a pressure plate, mid plate, and flywheel. This design uses eight carbon-carbon lined surfaces to increase the smooth engagement of the clutch. The carbon-carbon friction liners are developed under pressure and heat for six months to develop a near pure carbon-carbon structure. The carbon-carbon discs allows the clutch to hold high load while offering smooth engagement and long life.

lightweight twin disc design:
The twin disc design results in a very high surface area in a compact design with the mass centered in the clutch for fast engine response. This compact design results in a low moment of inertia - and an overall lighter weight - 24.5 lbs. The clutch pressure plate is designed to captivate the floating mid plate. Like other floating mid plate clutches, a faint noise is heard when the clutch pedal is depressed. Unlike others however, this design uses the aluminum pressure plate rather than the steel flywheel to captivate the floater. The result is a decrease in noise and a much lighter assembly.

light pedal effort & easier engagement:
Thanks to the properties of the carbon-carbon liners, a much lower clamp load is required of the pressure plate to hold the power. This results in a very stock-like pedal pressure making the clutch easy to drive on both the street in stop and go traffic or at the track. It also results in less wear and tear to the engine's thrust washer bearings. Due to the carbon-carbon on carbon-carbon design, the engagement is much smoother than typical carbon or ceramic style clutches. While the engagement is sharper than a factory clutch, the relative smoothness allows manageable drivability, even on a street car.

high power capacity:
The ScienceofSpeed Billet Twin Carbon Clutch is rated to 700 lb/ft of torque at the wheels - torque which would be typical of a 1000+ hp S2000. The clutch is of course equally of handling anything between this and completely stock power.

high technology & build quality:
Each ScienceofSpeed Billet Twin Carbon Clutch is pinned and balanced after assembly for a precision fit . In addition, the high strength pressure plate design eliminates tension straps for best reliability.

factory fitment:
The ScienceofSpeed Billet Twin Carbon clutch is designed to work with the factory slave cylinder and transmission and requires no modifications for installation. Both release and pilot clutch bearings are included with the clutch.

installation notes:
For performance and durability reasons required by the high horsepower application that this clutch is designed for, please note that the ScienceofSpeed Billet Twin Carbon Clutch is a strapless, free-floating plate design, using advanced friction liners.

Due these design requirements:
A slight amount of noise is normal to be heard only when the clutch pedal is depressed and held.
In addition, a slight amount of shudder will be felt when engaging first or reverse gear from a stop compared to the factory clutch.
Engagement will be sharper than a factory clutch.
Wear in "daily driving" applications will cause accelerated wear. Feathering the clutch from stops and when starting uphill will result in accelerated wear.
Keep in mind however, compared to other high horsepower clutch options that can hold similar power of this clutch, noise, shudder, and wear is significantly better.


  • Ultimate clutch & flywheel kit for the high powered track turbocharged NSX.
  • Carbon carbon discs offer relatively smooth engagement with extreme holding power.
  • Relatively light pedal effort (only 10% greater than factory).
  • Includes new OEM flywheel bolts.
  • Capable of up to 700 lbf/ft at the wheels.
  • While the clutch can be driven on the street, continuous street driving will reduce clutch life.
  • Please see the ScienceofSpeed Clutch Comparison Guide.
ScienceofSpeed Billet Twin Carbon 700 Clutch & Flywheel - S2000, 2000-09